Product information

Made from 100% organic cotton sourced from India, produced in a factory within Tamil Nadu that is powered entirely by green renewable energy. The factory provides free sanitary products to overcome absenteeism and frequently runs women’s rights programmes.

100% water-based dyes that do not contain PVC or phthalates or any other toxic chemicals. That is what helps to achieve the soft, comfortable, durable print you’ll find on all our tees.

Screen printed at a studio in Birmingham that runs on 100% renewable energy and is currently working towards becoming Carbon Neutral. The company was voted by Stanley/Stella as Europe’s most sustainable t-shirt printing company; GOTs Organic Certified and Vegan Approved.

100% cotton, personalised Dyes + Demons label produced in Bulgaria and sewn in house

Mailing bags
100% biodegradable and compostable made from natural biological sources (potato starch) and entirely plasticiser free. The mailings are certified ‘OK compost home’ by Vincotte making them suitable for domestic composting. All bags will include unwaxed tissue paper.

T-shirt measurements.

T-shirt measurements.